X's payment platform: The next fintech revolution

X, spot, payment, platform, investment treasures, FinTech, emerging, Rahul Bhushan, Rize ETFX's emerging payment platform could be the next big treasure in FinTech writes Rahul Bhushan, co-founder of Rize ETF.

X (formerly Twitter) has been actively exploring the development of a payments platform to expand its services beyond microblogging. One key feature they have been working on is called Coins, allowing users to support creators by purchasing digital tokens with real money for tips or donations. Additionally, X is aiming to enable users to buy and sell goods and services directly on the platform, ranging from event tickets to digital content like ebooks or music. While an official launch date is yet to be announced, X has emphasised its commitment to making the payments platform a priority in 2023.

X’s Payments Platform

X has been awarded licenses for multiple US states, including Arizona, Michigan, Missouri and New Hampshire, a significant step toward delivering Elon Musk’s payments plan. While X has faced trust-related issues and increased competition from rival platforms, there is still demand for payments services on the platform. The recent launch of rival Threads and user limits have kept X in the spotlight. Now, with the acquisition of US Money Transmitter Licenses, X is making significant progress toward its payments ambitions.

X Graph

Implications for FinTech and Financial Services

• Increased Competition: X’s entry into the digital payments industry will intensify competition among FinTech companies. This heightened competition is likely to lead to improved services and lower fees for consumers as companies strive to differentiate themselves and capture market share.
• New Opportunities for FinTech: X’s extensive user base provides a new avenue for FinTech companies to reach and engage with customers. Potential collaborations with X could involve offering financial services directly through the platform or developing new products and services tailored to X’s user ecosystem.
• New Challenges for FinTech: X’s formidable brand awareness and reach could pose challenges for FinTech companies. To stand out amidst X’s entry, FinTech companies must find unique value propositions and distinctive features that set them apart, ensuring healthy competition and consumer choice.

Impact Scenarios on FinTech and Financial Services

• Partnerships with FinTech Companies: X could partner with FinTech companies to enable users to access financial services directly through the platform. Such collaborations would simplify payment processes, benefit users and offer FinTech companies an opportunity to expand their customer base.
• Development of X’s FinTech Products: X might create its own FinTech products and services, such as a digital wallet, enabling users to store and spend money seamlessly. This move would create a new revenue stream for X and enhance user experience by providing convenient financial management tools.
• Facilitation of Peer-to-Peer Payments: X’s payments platform could enable users to send and receive money from one another directly through the platform. This functionality would facilitate effortless transactions between friends and family, as well as enable micro-payments for various digital content.

Opening the cage door

X’s venture into the digital payments industry has the potential to disrupt the FinTech landscape and revolutionise financial services on a larger scale. As competition heightens, consumers stand to benefit from improved services and reduced fees resulting from X’s introduction of a payments platform. Moreover, FinTech companies have the exciting opportunity to forge collaborations with X, capitalising on its extensive user base. Considering the FinTech industry is still in its infancy, there is ample space for growth and innovation. X’s entry into the digital payments sector is poised to ignite fresh advancements and unlock new opportunities, attracting increased investor attention and paving the way for lucrative investment prospects.

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