artificial intelligence

Sep 15, 2023

FMIs, tech, budget, Financial market infrastructures, exchanges, custodians, broker-dealers, service providers, tech budgets, systems, studyFinancial market infrastructures (FMIs) such as exchanges, custodians, broker-dealers and other service providers are finding their tech budgets consumed by the costs of maintaining legacy systems, suggests a recent study.

Sep 11, 2023

Ant Group, AI tool, wealth management, develop, AI, tool, investment industry, Chinese, e-commerce, AI model, businessThe race to develop AI tools for the investment industry continues to heat up following the news that Chinese e-commerce conglomerate Ant Group is currently testing the finance-specific AI model it intends to apply to its wealth management business.

Aug 31, 2023

MSCI, Google, AIBenchmark provider MSCI has extended its partnership with Google Cloud in order to accelerate its development of generative AI services for the investment industry.

Aug 16, 2023

Arbdn, ChatGPTUK asset manager Abrdn has become the latest firm to embrace generative AI among its employees.

Aug 09, 2023

Bud Financial, Bud.aiUK-based FinTech, Bud Financial, has introduced a generative AI platform targeting individualised banking experiences.

Aug 08, 2023

EMERG AI, ForwardLaneForwardLane has launched EMERGE, a generative decision intelligence platform designed to tackle data transparency, privacy and security challenges within the finance sector.

Aug 02, 2023

SEC, predictive analytics, US, Securities and Exchanges Commission, rules, restrict, analytics, broker dealers, investment advisersThe US Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) has drafted proposed rules that could potentially restrict the use of predictive analytics by broker-dealers and investment advisers.

Aug 02, 2023

UK, retail, investors, Chat-GPT, retail investors, tools, manage, investments, researchMore than one in ten (11%) of retail investors in the UK are using Chat-GPT-style tools to manage their investments, according to recently published research.

Jul 26, 2023

Clearwater Analytics, generative AI data tool, US, software, AI tool, asset management industry, AI, asset management US-based software vendor Clearwater Analytics has launched a generative AI tool which it claims is the first of its kind for the asset management industry.

Jul 21, 2023

unmasking, AI, abusers, cybersecurity, triumph, deepfakes, phishing, data, leaks, Rahul Bhushan, Rize ETF, opportunities, AI abusersRahul Bhushan, co-founder of Rize ETF, discusses how the cybersecurity sector is creating long-term opportunities by turning the tables on AI abusers.