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FE fundinfo signs ESG data agreement with MSCI

ESG investingFund data company FE fundinfo has partnered with index provider MSCI to extend its ESG data offering.

The agreement means that MSCI’s ESG fund ratings and data will be available across FE fundinfo’s various platforms and products.

FE fundinfo has looked to prioritise its ESG data capabilities in recent months as fund managers face growing obligations around their ESG reporting

Earlier this year FE fundinfo acquired ESG reporting consultant CSSP and established its ESG product group.

“From fund managers and distributors to financial advisers and the end investor, ESG investing is becoming an increasingly important part of industry thinking,” said FE fundinfo head of business development and strategy Philipp Portmann.

“The need for clear, accurate and transparent data and reporting has never been stronger,” he added.

Nor is FE fundinfo alone in targetting the ESG data market. This week BNP Paribas Securities Services teamed up with Moody’s ESG Solutions business to expand its sustainability data and analytics service.

BNPSS’s ESG offering Manaos will now feature two fintechs, Util and V.E, that come under Moody’s ESG Solutions business.

This follows the French asset servicer's partnership with sustainability data science company Clarity AI earlier this year.

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