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Editorial: The personal element

Nicholas_PrattThis issue contains a full review of our inaugural FundTech Awards which took place earlier this year. While the event was held remotely rather than in person, the fact that it was held at all is testament to the rising influence of technology in the asset management market. When our sister publication Funds Europe held its first awards show back in 2006, there were just two prizes dedicated to technology – for front and back-office systems. 

Since then, the number of tech awards gradually increased, as did the coverage of technology, to the extent that we launched a dedicated FundTech publication and series of events and roundtables to showcase new and emerging technology. 

Through the awards and the magazine, we have not only been able to showcase some of the innovative products and companies in the market, we have also been able to recognise some of the important personalities – such as Kerry McCormack of First Sentier Investors and Sylvain Forté of SESAMm. 

Despite the rise of AI and automation, people are still the most important element in the technology market. 

Nicholas Pratt, Technology & Operations Editor

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