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Nicholas_PrattIn the past few months, an alternative term for the AI acronym has emerged – augmented, rather than artificial, intelligence.

BrainNicholas Pratt looks at the growing use of behaviour science in the funds industry and its potential role as the saviour of active management.

Legacy_systemsChoosing the right technology and a suitable upgrade strategy can be a make-or-break decision for an asset management company, writes Bob Currie.

Spreadsheets riskNicholas Pratt looks at the risks posed by the use of spreadsheets and how firms should approach the management of such a risk.

Quantum_computingHigh-performance computing powered by quantum hardware could transform financial services firms’ approach to artificial intelligence and optimisation. Bob Currie reports.

OnboardingThe slow and complex onboarding process has become a pain for both managers and clients. Nicholas Pratt examines how technology can help reduce the burden.

InnovationFunds Europe talks to Amundi about its commitment to continuous innovation and its latest work with machine learning and collaborative tools.

FundTech_Forum_DublinThe latest FundTech Lab event in Dublin discussed regtech, legacy systems and the asset servicing industry’s efforts to remain relevant in a changing market.